Shower Heat Exchanger

This site is focused on “breakthrough” technology. Generally this means new materials, software,  or hardware that is going to impact you directly. Eventually.

One sector I like to look at is technology for the home.

This product is not new the folks at Retherm Energy Systems have a winner. It  is probably the easiest to install modification in the home to really help cut power usage:

It takes the hot water from your shower and warms the water coming into your home.

Or if you have an “Instant” hot water heater (which is becoming much more common), it will heat the water going to it. A lot less plumbing involved this way if you have the instant hot water heater near or in the bathroom and have this attached to the shower.

Unfortunately you need a floor below the one the shower is on. Since I live on a slab foundation and the shower is on the first floor I cannot use the product.  It does not work if laid on its side….

-Tech Dennis