The cost of RAM has come way down and the amount per stick keeps doubling every year.  To the point where the computer industry is scrambling to catch up. The older Microsoft and Apple operating systems can’t even use more than four Gig…

Even though the Software is catching up (the new Apple Snow Leopard can use up to 16 Terabyte of RAM. Which should be good for a while….) computers today are still not constructed to take advantage of a lot of RAM.

Most of the apple laptop computers for sale today only hold have the option of coming with four Gig of RAM. I am sure this will change rapidly.

Update: August 19 2009: You can now get 8 Gig with your Mac Laptop.

But RAM manufacturers are getting more and more ram in the same space. This is the latest breakthrough by Samsung.


Amazing. If you are going to buy a computer soon, I would buy the regular stuff and then slap in a Solid State hard drive and some new RAM.

If, unlike me, you have the means 🙂