Well it seems they have figured out a way to make Lithium-Ion batteries charge and discharge much quicker.

A 100 times quicker:




In the third article GM auto battery expert Herman Weigman dismisses the battery breakthrough due to its potential cost.

I would have to disagree with him in one respect. Adding one or two of these batteries to an electric cars battery pack would allow the car to accelerate much faster.

People would pay for that or it could be used as a selling point.

Lets face it, in any car review they talk about the 0-60 MPH time. This will not change just because we switch to electric cars.

The larger ramifications of this new technology are in using less batteries to do the same job. Current batteries can only discharge so much energy. So to handle large amp output, many batteries are used to “divide up” the load .

I also see these batteries making hybrid electric semi trucks, trains and aircraft feasible.

-Tech Dennis