The Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) with no wearable parts,has been the focus of generations of inventors and engineers. This fellow seems to have it.

However, I posted this earlier and then took it down. Why? The problem with the design is the input will also put its input pressure back onto the control device.

My take on this is it does need work. However, electric motors have a huge amount of instantaneous torque. So using an electric motor to control the output of a gas or diesel engine would not be such an issue. The power lost to the control motor would be worth not having wear plates or the complexity of  todays transmission.

I look forward  to seeing this technology progress and be applied in a real world application.

Update: May 15, 2011: Not a whole lot of progress here. It would make me feel better if a couple organizations or people with real money got on-board and pushed this forward. In many respects I think he should forget about building a few of his own and just sell the right to use the design to a couple manufacturers. They would push it along much faster….