This is an older post with multiple articles. Due to a huge Breakthrough in LED efficiency, I have moved it to the top.

The article posted below is still in the lab, but is such a huge leap in efficiency I felt compelled to post it.


Original Post; February 2009:

Well I have been waiting for this for quite some time. The folks at Cambridge University have created a new process and materials to make cheap LED’s:


Cheap LED’s will make electric cars more feasible with longer range (less drain for headlights, tail-lights…ect.)

Cheap LED’s will slash your electric bill (don’t worry, they will just raise rates…) and make it easier for the US to go green since the demand for electric power will not increase as fast as the population.

Until everyone starts plugging in their car that is….

Flashlights have already latched onto LED’s as a standard feature. Due to the lower power demand the first Capacitor based flashlight is out:


Good stuff. This gives us a glimpse of how the future will be engineered.

Update: 4/12/2010:  Green LED breakthrough:


Update: 4/16/2010:  LED structure breakthrough:


-Tech Dennis