This is an older post which I have moved to the top due to the product reaching a milestone. Sikorsky’s X2 recently broke the “unofficial” helicopter speed record.

Update: January 11, 2011: First glimpse of a militarized version of the technology. Granted, just a mock up. But it shows intent:

Original Post; January 2009:

Sikorsky has finally decided to stop just screwing the government and actually push technology forward:

There have been other helicopters to use twin rotor designs. The Soviets had a model and right here in Connecticut Kaman Helicopters had a great one.

But Sikorsky has political clout, and Kaman has been unable to break in. The K-Max did sea trials with the Navy for resupply work.  It was much better suited for the work than the H-47′s they use, which are much larger.

Take a look at the K-max:

In all fairness the X2 will be much faster than previous twin rotor designs. And much simpler than the Osprey…..

Update: 10/6/09: Even though I think there are better designs on the table, these guys have a working model and connections….

-Tech Dennis