There has been a great deal of talk about cloud computing lately. Up to this point I was not very impressed with it.

I thought it would be great for large institutions like universities who which to try and figure out the universe, but what am I going to do with a huge amount of processing power?  Why would I put all my information into the cloud? What can the cloud do that my home computer cannot?

Then I read this:

Suddenly the cloud is amazingly useful! It will make it so I can have a low power consuming, light, portable computer with the processing power of a desktop!

The best part is the idea is app based. You will be able to pay a monthly fee for the high processing power application you wish to run on your device. So in this regard the hardware does not change, it is a software modification. This is brilliant in so many ways.  The whole concept is flexible and based on what people really need. It keeps the hardware simple and cheap while allowing you to expand the devices capabilities as needed.

I can only image the apps that will evolve from this……

Update: 10/12/11 The New Amazon Kindle Fire has cloud boosted browsing: