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     It seems I have been remiss in my blogging duties for my followers. All ten of you:)

    I have started a new job and it seems there is barely enough time in the day to cruise through the new technology that is maturing enough to create a manufacturing or social trend. But having some time to think about a few new technological development I see a few that are really going to impact our lives.

      The first is a new form of fish farming. A fellow dumped 150 tons of Iron Sulfate (which is a byproduct of running new steel through acid during steel production. Iron sulfate is also used as an iron supplement for human diets) into the ocean to create a great algae bloom. The pink salmon of the region feed off of this bloom and created one of the largest pink salmon runs in history, Unlike regular fish farming, the only infrastructure are the boats to drop off the iron sulfate and the boats to catch the salmon. Both of which already exist. Here is a link with all the information and a few other links.

There is no reason why this process cannot be used anywhere to create thriving fish systems that humans can farm.