The original Wankel Rotery engine was a technological triumph. Small, simple, did not use valves. The problem with it was one of emissions and wear. It used “wipers” between the sections. Those wipers wore much faster than a set of rings on a regular piston engine. Also the wipers not only used oil to reduce the wear but also to seal. The oil was burned in the combustion process leading to poor emissions…..


A small Connecticut Company has developed a new rotary engine that does not have these issues.


They have already received four million dollars from DARPA to push the technology forward. Here is the site.




The military looked at the Wankel engine years back. From a logistics point it had a lot of potential by “stacking” the pistons. Put three or four together and you can power a HUMVEE. Put six of them together and you power a medium truck. Put eight of them together and you power a Heavy truck. Twelve makes for a big generator. But the Wankel engine did not last long enough…..


This streamlines logistics, repair knowledge and specialized tools to disassemble or repair the sections. I assume they are still interested in this technology for those same reasons. Plus it runs off of anything, which has always made the Military happy.