I am a big believer in new processes. Processes created into efficient factory’s are the reason we have the modern cheap world we have today. Factories make the obscenely expensive into common.

   This new process is in its infancy. I hesitate to put it up until their new mini-factory is actually in production for a while. But it works in the lab so that means they should be able to scale it up into a factory, so I am posting it.

If this works as advertised it will have a huge effect on our society.


    I am not a huge fan of solar power. But I am a fan.

On the positive side the fuel (sunlight) is free; the power is generated close to where it will be used; their peak generating time is peak usage time; there are no moving parts to a solar panel; after 20 years solar panels are still generating about 80% of that they did originally.

    On the negative side they are only 50% efficient due to the fact of nighttime; even though the price of solar panels has dropped dramatically most people put them on their roof which is expensive due to union electricians who must be certified to work on roofs; the panels are only one part of the system, you also have to buy an inverter, wire the system and connect it to the grid; if your state does not have net metering you may need to have batteries to store power and not be connected directly to the grid.

Well things have just gotten interesting. They seem to have figured out a way to make solar panels much easier with less expensive materials.

Granted this is still in the lab so I do not want to get too excited about it.

But if this simplified method can be integrated into today’s production lines with cheaper materials (or even with the materials we are using today) it could lead to a rapid decrease in cost for solar panels.

Solar panels have already come down in price quite a bit in the last few years.   This may be the tipping point technology where solar panels become a common sight. Lets hope.

-StoneMaster Dennis


It seems the folks at NASA have made a medical breakthrough! 

I am not a big fan of NASA. I feel they have pissed away forty years of space flight development. There is no forgivnes.

With that said, you spend a couple billion dollars preparing for things that you will never do, you are bound to discover something.

Here is their something:

It is very preliminary. In many respects they have found a way to replace defective organs without replacing them. And modify the body without actually changing someones genetics…

 Lets hope this lives up to the hype.

-Wanting a Srx1 Biocapsule Dennis

This is still in the lab, but the preliminary results are very encouraging. So I decided to post it:

Less material, easier to make and a lot more efficient. This could change everything…..

Lets hope!

-StoneMad Member Dennis

Researchers have been studying why a caloric restrictive diet makes people healthy and live longer.  Resveratrol has been found to work (it is an ingredient in red wine and it is still in trials with a lot of  back and forth on its merits) in making people age better. But they are not sure why.

Now a new study finally has found the enzymes responsible for caloric restrictive diets making people healthy:

This is very exciting. This discovery could make us all healthier and age better. Not sure if this could be a supplement. Can you eat an enzyme and have it get into your blood stream through the digestive tract? Not sure, not my area of expertise. But I will keep an eye on this one.

-Wanting to get old Gracefully (no drool) and die in my sleep Dennis

While this technology could just keep getting better, they have hit a milestone. The cables they make now are as good as copper.

This is very exciting. For the aviation industry this could be a boon. Airbus is using aluminum wiring in some of their aircraft for weight reasons, even though aluminum does not transmit electricity as well as copper. If the cost is even in the ballpark, we could see the aviation industry switching quite rapidly.

Obviously there are cost, longevity and maintenance issues that will have to be resolved. Production issues as well.

But the benefits are so obvious, I see a lot of money being thrown at this to get it into production and into vehicles.

Update 1/8/13:

Steel has been around for a while. With all the people who have worked on it over the centuries and the large institutions who have focused on it, you would not expect a breakthrough right now.

Well you would be wrong. A small mill in Detroit,  SFP Works, has found a way to make the strongest steel 7% stronger. That may not sound like a lot, but it is. Here are the links:

I find it fascinating that they claim it would do the job of aluminum (same strength) and be lighter. This is going to change things. Really fast. 

Hold on!

-Lover of small modified work trucks Dennis