There is a lot of new technology coming out all the time.

But what is going to impact your life if you are not wealthy and cannot afford a lot of toys? Like me:)

This site is focused on finding new disruptive technology that will impact your life. Maybe not today (but sometimes) but within five years.

I strive to take the hundreds of new technology article and boil them down into the few that are at least in the prototype phase and will be seeing the marketplace soon.

Let me say that there are no “old” posts on this site. Each technology is relevant, evolving and may change our society. If it wasn’t, I would pull it off the site. I periodically review and update them as necessary.

If you look at the articles I have posted, it is an exciting time for power generation, transportation and computers. All areas which we will have a part of!

A little about me.  I have an AS in Auto and Diesel Technologies (Denver Auto and Diesel College), a BA in the History of Technology (UConn),  and I am currently working on an AS in Electronics.  I also spent four years in the Navy as an Aviation Electrician.

If you have questions about any of this please email me at


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